Thursday, November 15, 2007

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George Heymont graduated from Brooklyn College in 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts in speech and theater history. After three years in Providence, Rhode Island, Mr. Heymont moved to San Francisco, where he entered the field of medical transcription and also transcribed for court reporters.

An impressive career as a freelance journalist has witnessed more than 1,000 of Mr. Heymont's articles published in over 100 magazines and newspapers including Opera News, The Advocate, GQ, and various inflight magazines. He has served as Fine Arts Editor for Bay Area Reporter, as National Editor for Opera Monthly, and been a Contributing Editor to PEOPLExpressions and Amtrak Express magazines.

His opera column, "Tales of Tessi Tura" ran for 15 years in San Francisco's Bay Area Reporter and earned him three Cable Car Awards. He subsequently wrote the "Transcription Trends" column in For The Record Magazine from 1999-2003.

Mr. Heymont also has an extensive background as a motivational speaker. He has conducted master class seminars for apprentice programs at some of the nation's leading opera companies and been a guest speaker at conferences sponsored by the California Emergency Physicians Medical Group and the Northern California Podiatric Association. He has been a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and


dsinla said...

Join the facebook page:

Doris Day to be (finally) Honored by the Oscars?

Unknown said...

George - enjoyed comments on NYTime crossover story. I think (?) you're in CA, but if yiou know folks who love Classical music (we do not collect here at ARC) there are tons avail at our next sale. NOT trying a cheap pitch here, we just hate to toss them. So let folks know if you can. Yours, B.George

-Wave- said...

Saw your Memorial Day article on Huffington Pos on music documentaries.

I thought you may be interested in the website MusicFilmWeb (

MusicFilmWeb is a music documentary hub covering music film news, interviews and DVDs.

Today's article was celebrating the birthday of Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Unknown said...


Mark Topkin and I worked together for a couple of summers as counselors at a YMCA camp in Connecticut (1966-1967) and were good friends. I know its the same guy because Mark went to Brooklyn College and was very into opera. We even went to the Newport Opera Festival once to see Renate Tibaldi. I have often wondered what happened to Mark (whether he is even still alive given the AIDS epidemic of the 1980's). If you know, could you get back to me. I have lived in Michigan for the past 40+ years, but will be in the New York area for the next 5 days.

Dave (

Wheeler Reviews said...

You review shows, correct? How many readers does your blog get? Are they mostly from the Bay Area? Would you be interested in reviewing a show at Sierra Repertory Theatre in Sonora, CA?

Harmony Wheeler
Marketing Director
Sierra Repertory Theatre

XXXXXX said...


Cannot believe how well you have done. Want to thank you. You and Mark Topkin took me to my first opera, Manon Lescaux, with Beverly Sills. It was at the NYS Theater at Lincoln Center, during the 1960s. The production was in purple and green except for silvered dancers in one scene. I fell in love with opera that night.

Each opera that I have attended since is measured against that first experience. How fortunate we all were that Ms. Sills was at her best. At least, that was what you both seemed to think.

For some reason, I thought that Mark had died in the 1980s. Hopefully, I am wrong.
At least I can thank you for igniting a life long interest.

Bless you,

Beth Bird Pocker
Brooklyn College, Class '69